Subsequent to choosing that Pulang Araw isn’t behind crafted by fear based oppression, he endeavors to get the trust of Alakdan to invade Kamandag. For the present, he finds that dela Paz and Velasco are composed hostage and causes them break free from the hands of Pulang Araw. He discloses to them of his leap forward that Kamandag is protected by a unidentified government official who’s bending actualities to disparage Pulang Araw. Velasco and dela Paz understands that Kamandag’s defender is likewise undermining Cardo. They convey a press workshop announcing Cardo’s death toll while endeavoring to escape from Pulang Araw with these to guarantee his cover.

Cardo is triumphant Alakdan’s trust and transmits him to Manila to evacuate Director Hipolito’s fiercest rival in the senate rivalry, Senator Mateo F. de Silva (Joko Diaz) by exploding a bomb on the rundown of group just before de Silva reports his appointment. Cardo handles the disturbance without exploding a bomb, and barely escapes de Silva and his men. The following day, Cardo attacks Kamandag to retaliate for the death toll of his youngster, mailing an injured Alakdan and the others of Kamandag bundling. Cardo at that point illuminates Pulang Araw of the disloyalty and elements of psychological oppression that Alakdan executed.

Then again, Lucas and Brandon of Ang Probinsyano are furtively liable to expel Hipolito in the wake of uncovering he was responsible for making Catindig and his men influences a total to dispose of at a human services office before being wiped out via Cardo and his vigilante gathering. Following the fight between your two political advancements of both Oscar and Lucas, he and Brandon professionally fits Hipolito knowing he’s one of Lucas’ social gathering partners in his showcasing effort. In spite of his mean to uncover Hipolito’s concern all through their own gathering, Hipolito at last brings up his clarifications why he turned into the individual in Pulang Araw in his youths together with his rival Romulo whom he causes him in his altogether injured condition. He was later submitted Manila to survey governmental issues while Romulo turned into the main decision of Pulang Araw which is the manner by which he was in the present where he cuts down the revolutionary gathering successfully as a Protection Secretary until the point that he leaves to perform for Senator while carrying on his techniques to bring down his adversary Romulo who’s currently driving the vigilante aggregate Vendetta.

Subsequent to perusing of Hipolito’s record, Lucas settled on a choice to help Hipolito’s desire to wind up Senator since he and Brandon are accountable for pitching carried weaponry to them.

At some point or another in pinoy, Alyana looks at between both Cardo and Marco when they began their sentiment to her. Not far off, she was in charge on tending to Marco by Catherine while she was away in NY in spite of being reluctant to complete it alongside Menchu.